Καλωδιώσεις οπτικής ίνας για την κατάργηση εξαρτημάτων

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Καλωδιώσεις οπτικής ίνας για την κατάργηση εξαρτημάτων (αρσενικό)

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For Male MOST Optical Optic Fiber Loop Adaptor Connector Diagnostic Tool For Porsche Audi A8 Q5 Q7 Mercedes Benz W204 W212 VW Rabbit


The MOQ is 10pcs 


1) Help you to quickly find the fault point, whether it is the problem of the motherboard transceiver, or cable connection problems.

2) Optical fiber loop can remove or add a single vehicle equipment, and do not affect the car optical fiber network.

3) When a node in the MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport), it also can diagnose and find fault point.

4) Stable characteristics, high reliability.

Reason for Using:

Many senior automotive mostly use MOST system, and because the most system module is series connection in the maintenance process, when a failure occurs from module of the most system, it may cause the whole system does not work, in this case, you can replace the module in series connection in the loop to determine and confirm working condition.


If you meet the faults of audio CD and navigation systems, audio CD don't work, navigation is often broken and always blank screen, it may be caused by damage of the telephone module.

Please find the optical fiber head of telephone module and pull it out, and connect optical fiber loop to cancel the phone function, so that can resume work.


 Fit :for Porsche VW BMW Audi Mercedes-benz 

 Item Type:Car Diagnostic Cables and Connectors